Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Italian Inspiration

Ahh Italy!!  For those who have been lucky enough to venture to that magical country....
I understand! So beautiful, so much to absorb that one trip clearly will not do.
I will not torture everyone with typical pictures, I tried to really look at the textures and
colors that made me think of patterns and design. (always working!)
View from the Doumo, in Florence. Climbed over 450 steps for this angle!
Stone mosaic in a palace garden.

Amazing brick work in the Colosseum, in Rome. The mortar
is as thick as the bricks. Odd that I noticed, but then knowing me maybe not! 

Loved the random decorative marks in the stone buildings. This was in Pisa.
No, it is not the leaning tower, just one of the endless amazing buildings!
The windows and leaded glass is a whole story on its own.
 Subtle colors in these circles, so beautiful. This was in Florence.

This place is truly magical. Cinque Terre. Right up to the sea, stone steps
and mysterious ally ways. I could spend much more time exploring here!
"Those colors, though" to quote my daughter. I just want to play with the shapes and
colors, it was too much!!!
This is one of my favorite pictures. My 3 people lost in the view
from the top of the Boboli Gardens in Florence. It was a perfect day
I will always remember!
This sums it all up. Starting the day with a little Italian love.

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