The Flip-Flop Diaries


                                              The Flip Flop Diaries, the best way I know to describe my past, present and most likely my future. I grew up flip flopping somewhere between a Woodstock art commune and 1950's WASP world. Never exactly sure what to expect from one minute to the next. Looking back on everything I have no regrets, well as a little kid what is there to regret?
                        I had the typical 1970's Texas childhood I suppose, except that I was the kid with two moms, no dad and show and tell items from Africa, Spain, and Hawaii. I will admit now that I am the youngest of 5, (a result from a lost weekend in Cape Cod, my parents sexual backsliding when then had already decided on a divorce) and my recollections are completely my own as I have heard wildly different versions of these stories from my siblings and my mother, and plus, I was a kid, what did I know anyway? This is just how I saw life, the safest way I knew how, with thick rose colored glasses.   
                 My mother, well I would describe her as somewhere in between Gertrude Stein, Georgia O'Keefe and June Cleaver. Yes, June would show up for parent conferences complete with shirtwaist dress and pumps. June liked a nicely laid table, impeccable manners, prompt thank you notes, pressed linens and a well made bed. Gertrude and Georgia, they were a little more free thinking. I tried to please all three with limited success.

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