Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rescue Gardening

Before I begin discussing my garden I must explain where and why I am rescuing plants!  The adorable shop, Sea & Green, (shameless plug) that I am a part of, has a unexpected treasure just outside the backdoor.......a garden!

This tiny oasis of flowers, herbs, and organic edible veggie plants has become a town favorite. Becky, the owner of the shop, does a fantastic job of selecting beautiful and unusual plants and even better she cleverly plants them in all manner of planters, like an old metal tool box, clam steamers, even a grocery cart.
Anyway, as it happens with plants they get leggy, out grow their pots etc... so all those that are not looking so great or well, to put it honestly, mostly dead are sent to me. I have a pathetic soft spot for all things green and growing so they come to my garden for revival.

Sad Sun Flowers

Now when I had the farm, it was a little easier to rehab these poor plants but here in my new place I am a little space challenged but nevertheless I still rescue.

Here is a shot of the pale unhappy sunflowers mixed into my side flower garden. 

A little sun and new soil and dirt and that green will really come back.
I'll add a quick post in a couple of days showing their progress.

In the mean time, I have gotten the approval of the Etsy crew to sell my gardening books, 
Check them out and happy gardening!

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