Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Love Linen!

My love of fabric and textiles is an ongoing affair that started when I was a child.
So its no surprise that I have started printing linen again.
I start with yardage that I have printed and dyed then I piece it together into napkins and cute sachets.

Printed and dyed linen napkins, no two are alike!
Fun Fish Sachets filled with French Lavender. These are made from the scraps of fabric left over from the napkins.

Loving the violet and red!

With all the printing, I had to go a little free form and hand paint some scrolls.
All the napkins are washed with a regular detergent in the machine and tossed in the dryer, a little hot iron and done, ready to use and super soft!
Since each one is hand made they are all slightly different with different patterns. really more of a color story.
These are in my web store, www.acleverspark.com and at the brick and mortar shop, Sea & Green, Point Pleasant Beach. Oh and follow me on instagram!

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