Saturday, April 13, 2013

One Thing Always Leads to Another...

So here on the farm I have many loves and a few love nots. Let's start at the beginning.
I love blackberries. Huge juicy ones grow really great here and actually, they are overtaking a little side garden that we have near the barn so I figured I would make a berry orchard near the chicken
garden. Then the other day this guy showed up and stole one of my hens!
Mr. Coyote
At first I thought he was a over sized fox because we do have foxes that are always reeking havoc on my chickens, but no, now I have a coyote problem! How is this relating to blackberries?
 Well it goes like this.
Because of Mr.Coyote I can't let the chickens roam the property so I decided to make a section of the fenced area of the coop all grass and veggie goodies. So I head to the local hardware store to get some grass seed only to find out I need pasture mix if it is for animals (chickens) to eat. OK, fine I need about 1/2 lb of seed. It only comes in 50lb bags.
But wait, back to the berries!
So if we dig rows for the new berry orchard I can use the sod, which is pasture mix, (our entire 10 acres is pasture mix) to put into the coop!!
Mr. Rooster,
This idea seems so simple!! And lucky for me my two teenagers wanted a "sick day" from school!!
So I want 6 rows that are roughly 24 feet each. We each started to dig, then I started moving sod while they continued digging.(truth be told most of the digging was my daughter Ivy!)

The chickens were watching every move!

One row. It does need to be a bit wider but a fantastic start!

This was a few exhausting hours later. Half of the area is filled with sod and three rows are dug.
Now I need to go dig up the blackberries and start planting but it has been pouring rain for the last few days. (which is a good thing as I am never as strong as my ideas and need the rest!)
But, Chickens are safe and soon to be clipping the grass and the blackberries are almost to a new home and the barn garden will soon be slightly under control! Whew!
As the title says, around here one thing really does lead to another, and another, and another.....

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