Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Things That Make Me Smile....

Here in NJ it is almost the end of April and in the 40's!!!  Today in particular is really dreary so I made a fresh pot of French pressed coffee and got a fire going and thought I would share a few of the little things that make me happy.  
These are some branches I cut and put in my studio. Every time I see them I can help but thing that spring is here. Just love the pink with the dark leaves.

I love a challenge, especially a gardening one! This poor guy was on his last leg but I got him to bloom again!Love it!!

There are few things better than a bowl of eggs fresh from the coop. My girls really out do themselves! I know it is probably wrong but I love eggs in a pretty bowl in the fridge instead of a carton!

These pansies sit on the kitchen window sill. They made it through the winter and started to bloom a few weeks ago. They make cleaning up the kitchen a little bit better!

I love the fact that my husband drinks his morning coffee from this sweet French cup and saucer. A little souvenir he picked up on a trip.
Hope these pictures brighten up your day!

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