Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A MINI SHADOW of the Past

As some of you may or may not know.....I am a closet designer! Yes, I do have a degree in textiles and did work as a designer in NYC, (designer for someone else though) but I have never really "designed a line". The lure of fabrics, fashion, patterns, and costumes has never been too far from my mind, even when I illustrated all those little girl tea party books I always took way too much time deciding what the girls would wear to tea! Some of my best selling licenced designs were really, to be honest, fashion sketches! And lets not get started on my children's Halloween costumes. The historic replica gowns in silk and the kimono with correct amount of collars and hand dyed layers....I have issues!!

So when my daughter, Ivy, decided to take a fashion class in high school and mentioned that she didn't feel that she was really learning how to sew properly... that just flung the door wide open!!

Together we have formed MINI SHADOW! A line of children's clothing made entirely from up- cycled adult clothing! Men's oxfords, hand-me-down dresses, whatever works! Each piece is one of a kind and hand made by the two of us. I finally get to feed the designer inside and Ivy is getting a sewing education, plus we are really having fun! I am happy to report that Ivy can cut and sew a bodice quite well already!! I will be listing these dresses on my web shop, but in the meantime they can be found at Sea & Green in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

This one is called LEMON DROP

This one is MINTY ROSE

This one is WILD FLOWER


This last dress is HAWAIIAN PASSION.


  1. These clothes are so sweet and I love the charming names! How exciting to be starting a new venture with your daughter. That's a secret dream of mine too and i'm always scheming about how to make it come to pass. I wish you much success and enjoyment in creating your new line. I discovered your blog through Cloth Paper Scissors, and I look forward to visiting often!

    1. Thank you so much! We are really having fun with these dresses, my daughter wanted to name each dress which I thought made them more "one of a kind!" Thanks for visiting!