Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I, like many of you, have become hopelessly addicted to Pintrest! It is like a magazine that I get to edit and I usually go for the beautiful room settings and imagine my house all in white with raw linen sofa covers....sigh! Then I actually look around my home and think, actually not that bad, just a little color change would do the trick! I took a walk around the house and had a few thoughts....

My Daughter's room
She painted this pale butter wall color last year, before she became a huge Pintrest junkie! I know she has new ideas formulating! I do like the large painting in her room though.

I will admit, my home is a beautiful, albeit in need of a little love, 200 year old farm house and
I am fortunate to have original art on the walls in every room, (actually stacked against the walls if I'm being truthful!) I do tend to use a lot of color in my paintings and a lighter more neutral color on the walls would be a good idea. 

The "Fireplace Room" and used as our dining room.
The oldest room in the house, which was the original farm house, 235 years old. A hint of my plaid wallpaper I created for Seabrook Wallcoverings on the lower half of the room and my very first paintings of the tree series. Color is sand but could go lighter, and no plaid (it has run it's course!) Now these chair covers could be raw linen!

The sun filled TV room. (A title that stuck, we haven't had "TV" in almost 4 years!)
An old door that rests on a wood burning stove. Love this room but I am not loving the bright green anymore. Very pale slate?

My easel used for display in the living room!
This room is two tones of a medium value bluish grey and needs to be much lighter.

6 more rooms to evaluate, and that is not counting halls and entry! WHEW!
This will be the Summer project, but anyone who knows me, knows that I have to really think about paint color for some time. I need at least 4 months to get ready!!!
Has Pintrest started a project for you?

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