Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Handmade LOVE!

So this Valentine's Day, instead of giving a typical card how about a piece of art your special someone can enjoy all year? I print my original art onto book pages and the two pieces of heart art above are original, I just painted right on the book page. 

Now, if you are feeling creative but you aren't up for just jumping in there
 and painting directly on the book page I have a little help for you.
(and you WILL look like a star!!)

All you need is a printer, old book and just, borrow your kids watercolors and colored pencils.

OK, first, go online and find a piece of clip art, copyright free of course, just a line drawing.
maybe a bird, butterfly, flower, whatever.

Save the image to your pictures.

Now the only thing that might be a little tricky is the old book. You need one that has pages that are not too thin or brittle but that will run through your printer with out jamming or tearing.
(A phone book page is too thin!!)

Print your black and white line art on the book page.

Add some watercolor on top, maybe accent with a little colored pencil if needed.
The ink from your printer will resist the water and stay nice and black. 

SIGN IT! You just made something cool! Your sweetheart will love it!
(If it didn't come out like you hoped, remember, even this kind of art takes practice!)

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