Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Welcome to the new year! New ideas, new plans, new goals!
Making a trip to the recycling center is a weekly chore, Fridays to be exact between 10 and 3, and a few weeks ago I was emptying my bins into the big containers when a word I must have seen a hundred times caught my eye...CO-MINGLED and under it were the words glass, metal and plastic.
The thought of those three very different materials being dumped together kept rolling around in my head. Then I realized what a great combination! So using a recycled Skyy Vodka bottle ring I purchased on Etsy, a copper heart, (roofing copper from my chicken coop) and a fused plastic charm, I had my first piece in the "co-Mingled line!! Of course like all the new things I make it went to my daughter first, (my product tester). It was approved and that is the story of Co-mingled Jewelry! Just inspiration happening at the recycling center!

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