Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick Coat Hanger Wreath

My quick coat hanger wreath is one of those holiday decorations that you can make with just stuff from your house and yard. The only item you might need is thin wire such as green florist wire that can be found at any craft store.
OK, first you need, a coat hanger, greens, wire and pliers.
Now as for the greens, look around your yard and be creative, magnolia, yew, ivy, juniper, all sorts of pine, rose hips (sans thorns!) This not a big wreath so you don't need much.
You want to get rid of the cardboard bottom of the hanger. If you are using a classic hanger don't worry about it, your wreath will just be larger.

Using your pliers just bend it into a circle and hook the two ends together and bend them closed. 

Now start wrapping wire around the greens. Continue to add greens and wrap them all the way around the hanger circle. You can make it as full as you like and mix the different greens together, the colors really work! Keep in mind the hanger "hook" at the top and try to have enough greens on so it will be partially hidden.

Now that all your greens are on it is time to embellish.

I used some wild rose hips for just a touch of color. I just tucked them under some of the wire that was already wound around.

For my ribbon I used a piece of a green striped shirt from my scrap basket.

Last I added a tag made from antique book pages glued onto a piece of cardboard. I had water colored it red for a bit of color.
This wreath would make a great little hostess gift or a hand delivered Christmas card!
 Have fun with it and be creative!

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