Thursday, May 5, 2016

Are You Having A Party?

Since I have moved my studio to the shop, customers can get a view into my creative process. When I tell them I hand make almost everything in shop I really mean it, literally!!
I have a large work table that I use for everything from laying out fabric to printing cards and teaching creative classes. (Lunch with friends too!)

So this one day I had started the process of hand printing my greeting cards. I use oil based traditional printing inks, I will always be old school in that regard. The little shop was reeking of oil paint (actually I consider it a favorite fragrance) and it was potent!
Half printed cards were all over the big table.
A customer looked over and said "Are you having a party."
I said, "well I do consider being able to do art everyday a sort of party but not in the typical sense. No, I'm printing the cards I sell on the rack over there."
He replied, " Oh, it still looks like you are having some sort of party."
I just smiled and took it as my own personal complement. ; )
First I hand cut all the lino pieces. I start by printing a layer of white
since I am printing on kraft recycled card stock, I need the bright colors to show up.
It is one by one. A little tedious but when you lift up the block on each one
its like a surprise.
The cupcake has the most colors, 5.

White being printed for the Balloons, Duckie and Tree Heart

The finished pile of cards. I guess it does look like a party!

All these cards and other ones not shown can be found on my website,
                                                                Have a great day!

Friday, March 11, 2016

On Being Creative

Everyone is creative, even those who don't think they are! If those words are not enough I will help you be creative with some fun classes at A Clever Spark.
Journaling Cards, made from playing cards! 

Creative Classes At A Clever Spark

Clever Journaling Classes to get you on your way to discovering your creative side.

Journaling Cards: Create an inspirational deck of cards. An easy way to get started with a journal, no pressure to fill a large page, just a card! learn all the techniques to make a deck of 52 (just one a week!) March 15th 10-12:30 or 2-4:30, March 21st 5:30-8
All supplies included, $85.00 per person, class limited to 6, $40 deposit required to hold spot.

Journal Accordion Book: Create a journal in the form of an accordion book. March 22nd 10-12:30 or 2-4:30, April 11th 5:30-8
All supplies included, $85.00 per person, class limited to 6, $40 deposit required to hold spot.

Journaling in Time: Create a journal to explore the passing of time; record a story, poem, more of a narrative journal, a simplistic form of illustration. March 29th 10-2:30 or 2-4:30, April 12th 10-12:30 or 2-4:30.  $85.00 per person, class limited to 6, $40 deposit required to hold spot.

Journal Art: Create a stand alone piece of "Journal" art on wood using mixed media collage. (perfect for creating a special Mother's Day gift!) April 26th 10-12:30 or 2-4:30 May 2nd 5:30-8,May 3rd 10-12:30 or 2-4:30  $85.00 per person, class limited to 6, $40 deposit required to hold spot.
All classes are held at A Clever Spark, 502 Bay Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742. 732-701-1166
Call or stop by the shop for payment.
Classes must have a minimum of 3 people, if class is not filled the deposits will be refunded. 10% discount when you sign up and pay for 2 or more classes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Clever Shop!

A Clever Little Shop! 
And yes, home, garden and happiness is the perfect description. After many years being a part of a type of artist co-op I got the opportunity to open the shop I always hoped for!
A bright spot where I have my studio, shop, garden and a space to teach classes.

A hand printed modern flair with clean lines.
The string garden floating in the front window!

A view through the shop with the garden door in the background.
I have to give credit where it is due, this shop would not be so light and beautiful without the work from my sweetheart, Greg. He arranged all the renovations that took place with lightening speed and we were able to open a week ahead of schedule! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Be A Designer!

In my field, or I should say in one of my fields (there are
so many!) as a textile designer, creative director and all around artist,
a phrase is often said with an exasperated roll of the eyes, "everybody wants to
be a designer!"

Well, yeah, its fun. and now with the current coloring book craze, with MY
coloring book, you can!  My books have a little twist , I have used my antique swatch
collection as inspiration. So when coloring the pages, you are in fact coloring
in textile designs with your own color choice!
A wonderful pile of a few of my antique swatches.

Pages with their inspiration!

The center is blank, waiting for the text to be dropped in.

The finished book shown with a page colored by my daughter!
Each page incorporates a thoughtful Psalm to think and reflect on as
you color!
Available now!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Refreshing Influences

Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Belize

With the cold winter only just beginning a trip to Belize was just the ticket for some
refreshing inspiration! Beautiful water color was expected but the local culture was
filled with bright colors and patterns that really caught my eye. 

With all the island colors still on my are my printed tea towels!
A little something to warm up your kitchen this winter!
Available at Sea & Green, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and my shop, A Clever Spark
Happy Winter!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Love Linen!

My love of fabric and textiles is an ongoing affair that started when I was a child.
So its no surprise that I have started printing linen again.
I start with yardage that I have printed and dyed then I piece it together into napkins and cute sachets.

Printed and dyed linen napkins, no two are alike!
Fun Fish Sachets filled with French Lavender. These are made from the scraps of fabric left over from the napkins.

Loving the violet and red!

With all the printing, I had to go a little free form and hand paint some scrolls.
All the napkins are washed with a regular detergent in the machine and tossed in the dryer, a little hot iron and done, ready to use and super soft!
Since each one is hand made they are all slightly different with different patterns. really more of a color story.
These are in my web store, and at the brick and mortar shop, Sea & Green, Point Pleasant Beach. Oh and follow me on instagram!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Italian Inspiration

Ahh Italy!!  For those who have been lucky enough to venture to that magical country....
I understand! So beautiful, so much to absorb that one trip clearly will not do.
I will not torture everyone with typical pictures, I tried to really look at the textures and
colors that made me think of patterns and design. (always working!)
View from the Doumo, in Florence. Climbed over 450 steps for this angle!
Stone mosaic in a palace garden.

Amazing brick work in the Colosseum, in Rome. The mortar
is as thick as the bricks. Odd that I noticed, but then knowing me maybe not! 

Loved the random decorative marks in the stone buildings. This was in Pisa.
No, it is not the leaning tower, just one of the endless amazing buildings!
The windows and leaded glass is a whole story on its own.
 Subtle colors in these circles, so beautiful. This was in Florence.

This place is truly magical. Cinque Terre. Right up to the sea, stone steps
and mysterious ally ways. I could spend much more time exploring here!
"Those colors, though" to quote my daughter. I just want to play with the shapes and
colors, it was too much!!!
This is one of my favorite pictures. My 3 people lost in the view
from the top of the Boboli Gardens in Florence. It was a perfect day
I will always remember!
This sums it all up. Starting the day with a little Italian love.