Thursday, May 5, 2016

Are You Having A Party?

Since I have moved my studio to the shop, customers can get a view into my creative process. When I tell them I hand make almost everything in shop I really mean it, literally!!
I have a large work table that I use for everything from laying out fabric to printing cards and teaching creative classes. (Lunch with friends too!)

So this one day I had started the process of hand printing my greeting cards. I use oil based traditional printing inks, I will always be old school in that regard. The little shop was reeking of oil paint (actually I consider it a favorite fragrance) and it was potent!
Half printed cards were all over the big table.
A customer looked over and said "Are you having a party."
I said, "well I do consider being able to do art everyday a sort of party but not in the typical sense. No, I'm printing the cards I sell on the rack over there."
He replied, " Oh, it still looks like you are having some sort of party."
I just smiled and took it as my own personal complement. ; )
First I hand cut all the lino pieces. I start by printing a layer of white
since I am printing on kraft recycled card stock, I need the bright colors to show up.
It is one by one. A little tedious but when you lift up the block on each one
its like a surprise.
The cupcake has the most colors, 5.

White being printed for the Balloons, Duckie and Tree Heart

The finished pile of cards. I guess it does look like a party!

All these cards and other ones not shown can be found on my website,
                                                                Have a great day!

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