Monday, December 21, 2015

Be A Designer!

In my field, or I should say in one of my fields (there are
so many!) as a textile designer, creative director and all around artist,
a phrase is often said with an exasperated roll of the eyes, "everybody wants to
be a designer!"

Well, yeah, its fun. and now with the current coloring book craze, with MY
coloring book, you can!  My books have a little twist , I have used my antique swatch
collection as inspiration. So when coloring the pages, you are in fact coloring
in textile designs with your own color choice!
A wonderful pile of a few of my antique swatches.

Pages with their inspiration!

The center is blank, waiting for the text to be dropped in.

The finished book shown with a page colored by my daughter!
Each page incorporates a thoughtful Psalm to think and reflect on as
you color!
Available now!

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