Monday, January 28, 2013

Love Our Shore!

Welcome to 2013!
I know I have been lax at updating my blog but the last few months have been a little crazy here in NJ to say the least! We weathered the super storm Sandy with just 7 downed trees, I say just 7 because we are so lucky compared to what happened just miles from us!

Another stroke of luck was that the shop in Point Pleasant Beach was untouched! Just 1/2 mile or so is a picture not to be believed. As I write this in the end of January, there are STILL so many displaced people in the area, they are our friends, shop customers and neighbors.

My friend Becky, the owner of Sea & Green, decided to make a heart shaped ornament out of Sandy salvaged wood for the holidays and donate the proceeds to a local relief organization, Restore the Shore - Shores United. The response was overwhelming to say the least! The outpouring of volunteers and just the love and support for the project was so touching.
Becky is still at it, making ornaments! Now we wanted to keep the fund raising going so I painted a few pieces that are available on my web store, or can be purchased in the shop in PPB or on the Sea & Green web store,
Please check out the Restore page to see all the items, we will be adding some furniture and table top accessories soon made from salvaged Sandy wood.

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