Friday, June 1, 2012

What to do with a Sad Picket Fence?

A few rough storms have left our picket fence in pretty bad shape. So what to do with all this perfectly worn white washed wood? Make art of course!
17 years of age on the fence was beginning to show!
This is not lead paint by the way, just regular exterior latex gloss.

I pulled off the pickets. The really bad ones couldn't be used.

Sawed them by hand to the lengths I wanted.

I cut some little slats, from some cheap shelving I took apart, and using basic wood glue on them glued them on the back then nailed them into place.

Here is a pile of blank "canvases". Notice that I had just collected a couple of eggs and the whole time I was trying to take pictures and make these boards my chickens were milling around my table looking for treats!

I cut basic stencils and use acrylic paint, usually a few layers so when I sand it off a little, other colors show through.

Below, the finished product! It measures 6 1/2" square and I added a little string across the back for hanging.  I have made bigger ones using 3 boards. or smaller 3 1/4" squares with only one.
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