Friday, October 14, 2011

How Hard Can That Be?

OK so these last few months have been crazy getting the kids settled with a school routine and working on farm /art stuff. Now I am going to really work on this blog and make it something useful.

As those of you that know me personally, you know how many things I make, design and create on a daily basis, this includes home improvements, (actually framed out a wall myself this summer), gardening (I live on a farm and have a ridiculous green thumb) animals, (dogs, chickens, sheep) then we get to the creating stuff.....with a lifetime of being in the arts, fine and commerical and crafts (and by crafts I mean textile/fiber/surface design) there isn't much I haven't done. far as tutorials go what would everybody like to learn? here are some examples:

felt: I use my own sheep's wool and make felt which is then made into other things (sachets, ornaments, use it to embellish pillows etc). I make felted soap.
Jewelry: I worked for a jewelry designer while in college. All sorts of experience here.
Sewing: Been sewing forever. Can teach easy ideas that will make you look like a star!
Painting: Been painting since more than forever and can teach lots of tricks that look really difficult.
Eco: I do amazing art and products with plastic bags, so cool! Can teach lots of fun stuff here.
Up cycled: I love working with fabrics of all kinds, clothing is great for accessories. and inexpensive!
Necessities: This is the crazy stuff I come up with when I need something in a snap and have no materials that you would expect. The wild card category!
Gardening: saving plants over the winter, inside gardens, unusual pots, wall planters etc.
Paper: Do not buy wrapping paper!!! honestly people! this is a no brainer. all sorts of wrapping/card/stationary ideas here.
Holidays: This includes things to make, do, decorations etc, I actually have published books on parties.  Bet some of you didn't know that!!
New: Ok, this is the category that I am going into blind with my constant motto, "How hard can that be?" I am about to embark on dying experiments, some new upholstery thoughts, redoing my kitchen cabinets (that's a biggie) making poufs from billboards, sweaters etc...
Food: I have been a baker for most of my teen/adult life but have had to learn to cook for the first time in the past two years. (my gourmet hubby started a new career and doesn't have time anymore.) I mean I never even food shopped!! I have perfected some dishes by now and I also make an AMAZING apple/pear cake and apple butter, and apple pie and to die for chocolate cake....wait, is that cooking?

Tell me what you want to make, learn, or just ask about!

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