Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Collage Series

Art Collages!

I have wanted to do theses collages for some time and finally got it together.

They are small, for me, 5"X7" and are on a piece of wood. Actually boards from a discarded bench, not sure what kind of wood.

Anyway, I used fused plastic, antique book pages, some of the old trusty crazy quilt and some hammered copper with words. I glued, nailed, stitched and drilled it all together.

 Really happy with how they all came out. People always look at me strange when I say that but the reality for me is I usually see my art finished, in my head, and the challange is how to get it out of my head and onto the canvas, paper etc. I don't usually get it just like my inital vision but close enough to make me happy and to keep trying!

I have many more to get busy on, butterflies, birds, maybe some chickens, pears, apples and of course my chair theme that I'm not done with just yet!

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