Thursday, April 7, 2011

This takes the Cake!

OK this is amazing! This morning I received these pictures from a super talented woman in

Casper Wyoming, Karen Harrison. For her local library's anual Edible Bookfest. She created a cake based on my book, My Very First Tea Party. I copied a part from her email to let her explain this amazing creation.

" I chose to make my entrance based on your book "My VeryFirst Tea Party'. Your artwork and paintings are so beautiful! I knew I wanted to make this the book for my piece. I am a long time cake decorator, and I decided to make a cake of your book. The Tabletop and seat cushions are cake, and the remaining pieces are made of fondant and hand painted with food colors and dusts. I took about eight weeks to make the fondant pieces and put things together (after work and when I had free time). This was so much fun and Your book was such an inspiration."

Thanks to Karen for making my day! Fantastic!!

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