Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Day on the Farm

Here in my neck of the woods we have had a really dry, (I mean no rain, not dry heat because it is always humid here) summer so far. I have been happy with the weather unlike most people I wait all year for summer and don 't complain about the heat. Must have been all those Texas summers growing up!! I do however get annoyed with dragging the hose around to water but I guess there is always a trade off.

The tomatoes have started turning red...
and the chicks are all grown up and should start laying eggs very soon. We have named some of the chickens; Poseidon, Fluffy, Pretty Boy, Pierre, Rocky, D. Trump,(his comb is falling over and looks like a hairdo!) Olive and Valentine. We still have to name some of the hens.

The blackberries are nice and juicy!

The coop has become the favorite spot, I love to take a chair , coffee, and read early in the morning while the chickens run around in the field. A little reading and hawk lookout, completely relaxing.

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